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North Capitol Hill Residence

This beautiful old stately home on Capitol Hill had several remodels over the years on various areas of the home.  The final area to receive care was the Master Bath and Bedroom, top stair landing and upper floor/outdoor sitting area.  The homeowner brought in an architect that Bellan has worked with many times over the years who immediately brought Bellan Construction in due to the high level of craftsmanship this home required.  All the updates to the home had it maintaining the look and feel of the original which meant that the homeowners wanted the design to look like it could have always been in place – which demanded that the quality also be equal to the level of craftsmanship from an earlier time.

Project Detail +  Master Bedroom, Bath and Upper Landing Remodel

Highlights +

  • Casework by Shopworks, LLC
  • Custom vintage woodworking and millwork
  • Italian Marble countertops
  • Custom Walnut study and bookshelves


 Peter Swindley Architects; Pete Swindley, Project Architect

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